Teacher Testimonials

Henry Duran

    Previous location: Asahi City, Chiba, Japan     

I was a new university graduate when I signed up for the WEBII Teacher Training Program. My intention was to get a teaching job in Japan. I did so within 30 days after earing my TESOL Certificate! The experience has truly open up my eyes to the world.    

WEBII Training Program for Educators

Kierra Hunt

Current location: San Jose, Costa Rica    

I graduated from university and knew that I wanted to live and work in Latin America. My first choice was Costa Rica. Through WEBII, I earned my TESOL Certificate and was trained on the necessary factors for classroom teaching and preparation for cultural differences. I’m happy to say that I’ve been in Costa Rica since 2012 and I’m enjoying my life here!

Bert Wimberly

Current location: Jinjiang, Fujian, China
Previous location: Hangzhou, China
Previous location: Tokyo, Japan 

Since participating in the WEBII Teacher Training Program, I’ve taught English in both Japan and China. Working in both countries has been extraordinary. Whenever I had questions or concerns about my teaching contract, housing, or visa issues, WEBII gave me the needed assistance. 

Devon Perrin

Current location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

I have traveled to other countries as a tourist, while always wanting to actually live in one. WEBII gives me the opportunity to LIVE and WORK abroad!

Jennifer White

Current location: San Diego, CA
Previous location: Ghana, Africa

Having lived in Ghana, Africa, for an extended period of time, with additional international travel to 10+ countries, I understand the benefits of having a global perspective. My initial interest with WEBII was to gain employment in Asia, primarily in Japan. However, after learning about education job opportunities in the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Qatar), I reconsidered my target location!

Current location: San Diego, CA
Previous location: Baleares/ Mallorca/Madrid, Spain

Ronald Garland

I gained fluency in speaking Spanish from having lived in Spain for numerous years with job roll as English teacher. My present aim is to apply my years of instruction in the Gulf-Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia. WEBII has created a complete profile-marketing package for me to have options in selecting the best job offer!