School Policy

Participation is the key!

Read Your Syllabus
Log in to your Blackboard EFL course and click on Syllabus to get the class weekly schedule for your course. Check your Syllabus carefully as it outlines the topics covered in your course.
Attend Class
Students are expected to attend all classes for which you register. You are expected to participate academically in the Blackboard classes and give/respond to emails throughout the course. Regular class attendance is necessary for maximum success in gaining English proficiency. If you don't attend class:
If you decide to cancel the class, you have 3-days after registration to receive a 100% money back refund. Drop. If you just quit the class but don't cancel it, you will not get a money back refund or receive a Course Completion Certificate given at the end of the class.
Student & Teacher Ethics
It is important that students and teachers respect each other throughout the course. The conduct of both students and teachers should provide to a respectful, productive, and engaged online classroom environment. If students have any problems with the teacher or coursework, please feel free to address the problem directly to the teacher so that it can get resolved.
Class Cancellation by Student
You are responsible for officially canceling any class that you are not able to attend. If you drop a class within 3-days of registration, you get 100% money back refund.

Class Cancellation by Teacher
The case that a class is canceled due to the lack of instructor, or any other reason deemed viable by the President for Instruction, every effort is made to accommodate students into alternate sections of the class. Information regarding the current status of classes for all semesters is available on the Course page of the site.