Job Seeker
Are you a job seeker looking to work abroad within the education field?  
Looking for a position as: Tutor? Teacher? Lecturer? Faculty? Management/Administration?

WEBII can help with your job placement. We help job seekers by training native English speakers through an accredited Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate program. 
After completing this training, WEBII finds jobs for teachers to work in language schools, public/private schools, college/universities, and in other areas of education.
Teachers of all ages preferably need to have at minimum a university degree (not always mandatory).

Job seekers in the WEBII Training Program are top qualified candidates that have received the following:
•    TESOL certificate
•    Training in classroom management
•    Curriculum development for multi-level education
•    Cultural awareness preparation
•    Immediate readiness to travel overseas for work
•    Abroad survival skills for living in a foreign country
•    Certificate of course completion
•    Letter of Recommendation
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