WEBII Online English Courses
Choose from several 12-week classes that you talk directly with your teacher!
WEBII is proud to present its Online English Courses designed to meet the needs of non-native speakers of English who wish to pursue their language goals online.
What the Online Program Offers
  • The program is fully online – including placement testing, registration, payment, all coursework, and full access to an instructor.
  • The program offers courses geared to improve scores on the International Standards and Tests: TOEFL (Paper), TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, IELTS, & CEFR
  • The program is available to students nationally and internationally.
  • Students can work from home or anywhere they can access the Internet.
  • Students can complete their course work any time of the day.
  • Students talk directly with the teacher multiple times a week via Skype or Google Chat.
  • Upon completion of all necessary courses, students will receive a WEBII Certificate of Completion.

Learning Plans
Students learn best when lessons match their interests and abilities. At WEBII, each student receives online instruction that is arranged according to a student’s level. A placement test is designed to measure your English language ability. There are four different kinds of problems: listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Based on the score of the placement test, students are assigned to their EFL course level (EFL001 – EFL009).
Lessons focus on the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. The mission is to help each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through the English learning program.